Mali-G72 MP3 vs Adreno 612

The Mali-G72 MP3 and Adreno 612 are two decent mid-range GPUs. They both offer amazing gaming performance and can run nearly all games.

But if you are curious about the difference between them, you've arrived at the right destination.

In this comparison, we will look at the differences on the basis of specification, real-world gaming performance, and synthetic benchmark tests.

So without any further delay, let's jump right into the benchmark graphs!

Performance Review

Centurion Mark

Centurion Mark represents the overall performance of this GPU. This score is based on real-world gaming performance of the GPU.

Adreno 612 82.1
Mali-G72 MP3 77.0

Synthetic Benchmarks

Synthetic benchmarks measure the compute performance and the 3D rendering capabilities of a GPU.

Antutu GPU Score

Mali-G72 MP3 47251
Adreno 612 38532

Geekbench 5 Vulkan Score

Mali-G72 MP3 1478
Adreno 612 542

On real-world gaming tests, the Adreno 612 has a decent lead over the Mali-G72 MP3. The gaming experience on games like PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile was really smooth but the Adreno GPU pumps out a few extra frames so it has the lead.

However, the scores flip when it comes to synthetic 3D Tests like Antutu and Compute tests like Geekbench. The Mali GPU has the upper hand here.

This is partially due to the fact that it has 3 Compute Units compared to 1 in Adreno and Compute tests scale really well with higher CUs.

But this difference hardly matters if you're a gamer and you don't care about productivity applications that can benefit from GPU acceleration.


Arm Qualcomm
Arm LogoMali-G72 MP3
Qualcomm LogoAdreno 612
GPU Designer
GPU Compute Units 3 CU 1 CU
Max Frequency 900 MHz 750 MHz
Max Resolution Full HD Full HD+
HDR Support - -
API Support OpenGL 3.2, OpenCL 2.0, Vulkan 1.1 OpenGL ES 3.2, OpenCL 2.0, Vulkan 1.1, DirectX 12
Video Playback H.264, H.265 and VP9 H.264, H.265, VP8 and VP9
Integrated in SOCs
Exynos 9610
Helio P70
Helio P60
Exynos 9611
Snapdragon 675
Snapdragon 678

The G72 MP3 is designed by ARM and it is based on their Bifrost architecture. It is integrated into several MediaTek and Samsung chips like Exynos 9611, 9610, Helio P70, and P60.

On the other hand, Adreno 612 is designed by Qualcomm and it can be found on their Snapdragon 675 and 678 SOCs.

When looking at raw specs, the Mali GPU seems more impressive due to its higher CUs and clock speeds and it actually is in non-gaming GPU intensive tasks.

However, the Adreno GPU is faster in pure gaming despite having specs that may seem inferior. This is simply due to the fact that its single CU is significantly larger physically and can offer much better performance.

GPUs from ARM, Qualcomm, PowerVR, and Apple use a different GPU architecture which changes after each generation and the specs cannot be compared directly.

The same scenario is also applicable for Desktop GPUs from AMD and Nvidia.

The API support for both is very similar however Adreno 612 has an edge with DirectX 12 support. Neither of the two GPUs supports HDR or Dolby Vision.

Can it Run these Games?

Game Mali-G72 MP3 Adreno 612

Both the GPUs are capable of running most Android games pretty well with the exception of Fortnite. The gaming experience in the rest of the games that we tested is exceptional.

If the gaming performance matters a lot to you and you're looking for a phone in the lower mid-range price segment, then you wouldn't be disappointed.

Other games like Free Fire, Asphalt 9, Asphalt 8, and some less intensive games like Subway Surfers and Clash of Clans also run quite well.

Smartphones with Mali-G72 MP3 and Adreno 612

Mali-G72 MP3 Adreno 612
Samsung Galaxy M30s
Samsung Galaxy A60
Samsung Galaxy F41
Samsung Galaxy M40
Samsung Galaxy M31s
Samsung Galaxy A70s
Samsung Galaxy M31
Samsung Galaxy A70
Samsung Galaxy M21
Motorola One Zoom
Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro
Motorola One Hyper
Samsung Galaxy A50s
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro
Samsung Galaxy A50
Vivo X29
Samsung Galaxy A51
Vivo V19 Neo
Nokia X5
Vivo U20
Nokia 5.1 Plus
Vivo V17 Pro
Motorola One Macro
Vivo Z5i
Realme 3
Vivo U3
Realme 3i
Vivo V17
Realme 1
Vivo V15 Pro

You can find these Graphics Processors in a large number of smartphones (and a lot of them are from Samsung).

Some of the popular smartphones include Galaxy A50, M21, M31s, M30s, Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro, Samsung Galaxy A70s, M40, and A60.

Make sure to read/watch the individual review of the phone that you're going to purchase.

Which one is Better?

Adreno 612 is winner against Mali-G72 MP3

While both the chips have their own pros. and cons, the difference won't be noticeable to the end-user. If you're a gamer, you can give choose of the two but if you need the highest FPS in games then Adreno 612 is the way to go.

If you don't care about gaming and require a phone for tasks that require good 3D Rendering or GPU Compute performance, then the G72 will do a better job.